Rizieq’s Sentence Accused of Scenario for the 2024 Presidential Election, Kapitra Questions People, Names These Figures

PDIP politician Kapitra Ampera. Photo: Elfany Kurniawan/JPNN.com

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – PDI-P politician Kapitra Ampera said it was too early to accuse Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS) of being sentenced to four years in prison in the swab case of the Bogor Ummi Hospital as part of the 2024 presidential election scenario.

Kapitra said that until now there is still no figure who will run in the 2024 presidential election, so the accusation is just a waste of energy.

“It’s just a waste of energy, making yourself tired of prejudice,” said Kapitra when contacted by jpnn.com, Saturday (26/6).

Furthermore, Kapitra also challenged Habib Rizieq’s camp to name the person who wanted to imprison him through the verdict of the Ummi Hospital swab case.

“In the presidential election scenario, who will imprison him? Say, who is the person,” he continued.

According to Kapitra, it is possible that the presidential candidates in 2024 are the people who were previously supported by Rizieq, so the accusations become raw.

“Who? If the presidential candidates are Anies, Prabowo, Sandi, and AHY, it’s impossible for them to want to imprison him. He (HRS) supports Probowo-Sandi, also supports AHY and Anies,” said Kapitra Ampera.

Previously, Wasekjen PA 212 Novel Bamukmin said the demands and verdict given to Habib Rizieq were orders from certain parties, not purely law enforcement.