RMP: “The right wing ends up defeated, but ends up more hit by the tale of fraud”

There are only a few days left for him 28 of July and even the National Jury of Elections (JNE) does not proclaim the virtual winner of the 2021 Elections, Pedro Castillo. Rosa Maria Palacios He pointed out that, possibly, the winner of the elections will be made official today at night or on July 20.

This third electoral round, invented by the presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori and other political forces, according to the lawyer, will only leave the new five days Executive to organize the presidential succession and the transfer of government.

“These values ​​that the right embodies should have a popular validation to organize in the Congress and if we organize it, it is divided into almost three ”, he analyzed.

The Parliament would have a majority with 42 votes from Peru Libre and Together for Peru. The right will have Popular Force, Popular Renewal Y Advance Country that add 43 congressmen, while 44 seats respond to center options such as the Purple Party, We are peru, Popular Action and Alliance for Progress.

“The logical thing to do Popular Force It would be leading a right-wing coalition that defends the economic chapter of the Constitution and they must pull bridges to the center because they cannot alone. With the center they can even vacate the President of the Republic ”, he warned.

However, RMP argued that the coup interests and not knowing the results of the General Elections 2021 on the part of the right they have caused the center to try to build bridges of dialogue with Castillo Terrones.

“The right wing ends up defeated in this election by very few votes, but ends up more hit for having played very badly with the tale of fraud. Yes Keiko Fujimori had he accepted his defeat, he would now be building his leadership on a parliamentary force that would defend certain important things in economic matters, but he has dedicated himself to something else, “he lamented.

According to Palacios, the leader of Free Peru I would be looking for one Board of Directors multiparty in order to govern and, consequently, sideline the right.

“The right wing is not hit by defeat, but because they have not known how to administer the post-election,” he concluded.

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