ROAD SAFETY              The speed on secondary roads limited to 80 km / h on 1 July

The government wants to make a difference on road safety. The Prime Minister assumes a possible unpopularity to save lives. “I do not settle for accepting that we have reached a floor,” said Edouard Philippe, referring to some 3,500 people who lose their lives every year on the French roads. 1. 80km / h on two-way roads Edouard Philippe had said a month ago that he was “personally” in favor of lowering the speed to 80 km / h on the two-way secondary roads without a central separator. He confirmed this decision Tuesday after the interdepartmental committee on road safety.
“There are a large number of accidents on these roads” justifies the Prime Minister who specifies, however, that this will not apply to twice two lanes or three lanes. The cost of panel changes, estimated at between 5 and 10 million euros, will be borne by the State. For the prime minister, this could save about 350 lives a year. As of July 1, 2020, the government will take stock of this measure. The only exception provided for this measure the portions of roads two times two lanes without central separator will remain limited to 90 km / h, said Mr. Philippe.
PV money will go to injured victims
With regard to the expected revenue surplus of the fines with this new speed limit, the Prime Minister has assured him that he will go “in full” to the care of the victims of road accidents.
2. Suspension of driver’s license in case of a phone while driving The government announced tougher penalties for driving while driving: if a driver is caught phoning and committing another offense at the same time, the driver’s license will be suspended. Until now, the use of the phone while driving was punishable by a withdrawal of three points and a fine of 135 euros. By making the phone at the wheel an aggravating circumstance, Edouard Philippe wants to hit the spirits and ensure that all drivers integrate between phone and steering wheel, you must choose. Telephoning while driving is now the cause of one out of ten personal injuries and one out of two drivers, according to road safety, drive by phone. 3. Impounding the vehicle of drunk drivers Drivers who are caught in the act will no longer have only a withdrawal of points, a fine and a suspension of the driver’s license. Their car will be immobilized and impounded, even if another driver can drive it. The same penalty will be taken for drivers who drive without a driver’s license. 4. The use of anti-booster alcohol breath tests To impose an anti-start alcohol test was so far following a court decision. The interministerial committee has decided on a measure for the installation of alcohol immobilizer probes (ELIS) ​​in the vehicles of persons already arrested with a blood alcohol level (over 0.8 g / l) and repeat offenders. However, it will no longer be mandatory to have a breathalyzer in your car. 5. Take into account exemplary drivers “The majority of the French respect the regulation”, recognizes Édouard Philippe. The latter has therefore announced the launch of a reflection to take into account, in one way or another, these virtuous drivers. This is the opportunity for the government to post that it is not just repressive.

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