Road to Munich: Is Munich the new football capital?

• Second NFL game guaranteed in Munich by 2025
• European League of Football also announces a team from Munich for 2023
• Name of the Munich ELF team probably “Munich Ravens”

It was a surprise that the European League of Football announced a new German team in the middle of their season. So far, there hasn’t been much more information than planning an entry for the coming season. The colleagues from have now found out that a possible name for the franchise could be “Munich Ravens”. Munich American Football Holding GmbH registered this name on July 9th. According to the league, the possible confirmation and the logo will not be available until September. With Munich as the eighth German city after Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Duisburg, Cologne and Stuttgart, the league has closed the Germany card, according to ELF Managing Director Zeljko Karajica. It was already known that there should be three new teams from Italy, Hungary and Switzerland in the 2023 season.

The announced ELF team is the second football highlight for Munich after the NFL guest appearance in November

For Munich it is the second football highlight after the NFL announced in February that the first game in Germany will take place in the Allianz Arena. The NFL also spoke about the coming months last week. Germany boss Dr. Alexander Steinforth announced in an interview with Sponsors that an NFL team is planning a major fan activation in September. According to Steinforth, there could also be a public viewing of the Munich game in Frankfurt. The city has already expressed an interest in this.


In an interview with Icke Dommisch, the Panthers also revealed initial plans for the fall: According to their CCO Jake Burns, they want to make their brand better known in Germany with events in Frankfurt in particular. A watch party is planned for week 2 of the NFL season for the game against the New York Giants, on September 18th. from 7 p.m. German time in Mainstadt. It is not yet known what the other three teams with an interest in Germany, the Patriots, Chiefs and Buccaneers, are planning.

NFL teams, main sponsor and TV partner announce initiatives to activate NFL fans in Germany

One thing is certain: the city of Munich and Frankfurt have a huge advantage over other German cities when it comes to activating American football with the decision to have the NFL in their city. The European League of Football could not do without the Munich location due to its relevance and now set up a new team without the participation of the two existing teams, the Munich Cowboys and Rangers. It seems we still have a lot to look forward to until November: The main sponsor of the game, the DKB, also announced 360-degree activation throughout the year and it would be surprising if the two broadcasting TV stations didn’t inspire the fans at their home location wanted to. First of all, the #ranGrillen2022 will take place in Hamburg at the beginning of September. At the latest then there will be more information about the broadcaster’s NFL plans. I’m looking forward to this fall!

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