Rob Flood Again! Semarang Harbor Submerged Waist-High This Afternoon


Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang, was again inundated by tidal flooding. The tidal flood this time was the worst tidal flood after patching the embankment that had broken some time ago.

Monitoring secondsCentral Java at the location Monday (20/6/2022) at 15.40 WIB, it was seen that flooding began to occur about 50 meters from the port entrance gate or Post 4 Tanjung Emas Port. A number of workers were seen leaving the port with wet pants and clothes.

Residents also began evacuating their motorbikes to be safe from the tidal flood. However, a number in the port area were also seen submerged motorbikes in their parking lots.

A number of residents and workers in the port area were also seen standing on the sides of the road that were not exposed to water. It is estimated, in the port the flood reached 1 meter.

“Starting at 2 o’clock it started to get high,” said a worker named Rizky Putra (22) when he was met secondsCentral Java at location.

According to him, the worst flooding was in the vicinity of Pos 1 Tanjung Emas Port. If measured from his height, the flood reached the waist of an adult.

“It was flooded to this (waist),” he said.

According to him, this is the worst flood since the tidal flood due to the broken embankment some time ago. During the flood, he also admitted that he did not receive a warning from his place of work.

“Coming home from work, I don’t know, because it doesn’t flood in (the workplace) all of a sudden,” he said.

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