Robbery of the “Stunts of laughter” at the store by telephone from the city center. Burglar armed with rocks, she had a whole night to crack it



the Court in Wisconsin will decide the punishment for the young Alexander Marine, accused of breaking into a shop phone in the center of Hunedoara city. The man will be tried for grand larceny, and the courts have decided his investigation under the measure of judiciary control. Investigators have shown how he did the young man that avt takes three hours to rob a store.

“On the night of 18/19.09.2017, wearing a hoodie color black with the hood up and the panty type wearing dark shoes sports type of black colour, with white stripes and his face covered with a scarf of blue and white forms, and on the back a backpack of dark colour, starting at 1:00, went to the store phone. After what has ensured the security of the area, at 1:31, went to the access door of the store and threw a rock in the window double-glazed side access door, and broke it, and, immediately after this action, he withdrew in the run to observe if the activity was observed or heard by someone. After about 42 minutes, the defendant returned to the store, being noticed on the images of surveillance cameras mounted in the premises of the store as it passes several times through the front of it, and after another 24 minutes is observed when it returns and passes through the front of the store accompanied by another person, possibly female, and after I get out of the room of video surveillance. In about a minute the accused is surprised in the moment when he returns to the store and approached the broken window, on the inside of the store, after which it retires and leaves the place of the commission of the crime, whereas in the area and have made the emergence of workers Proserv, for the activities of cleansing of the area”, it shows in the file.

returned after two hours
At 3:30 a.m., according to investigators, the Marine returned to the shop, holding in his right hand a stone which he threw at the same broken window above, causing a hole bigger, after which he retired and left running the place. After another five minutes he returned to the store and threw another boulder at the same broken window of the store, after which he retired and left the scene of the crime.

At 4:04, claim investigators, tânîrul returned to the store and, after what has passed several times through before it went to the access door of the store that tried to force it with a tool, as possible leverage, but failed, for which reason he broke into the shop through the crack of the window.

“Come inside, the defendant absconded on the panels of the presentation a number of eight mobile phones, respectively, who introduced them in the backpack he had on him. At the same time, the defendant tried to snatch and escape on the boards of the presentation, a tablet, worth 990 lei and a phone worth 465 lei, but failed to snatch them from the wires safe, but slam them on the ground, it has damaged, after which she left inside the store by the same place where it entered, respectively, through the crack of the window. The damage caused by the commission of the act is in the total amount of 10.473 lei, of which eur 8.418 lei represents the value of the 8 mobile phones stolen and 2.055 lei, representing the value of the goods destroyed, respectively, of the glass windows, tablet and mobile phone”, it shows in the file.
the offender has acknowledged the deed.

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