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Home Sport Robby Anderson on Jets growing pain in reconstruction: "Everybody is tired"

Robby Anderson on Jets growing pain in reconstruction: "Everybody is tired"

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Rebuilding in the NFL – especially with a young quarterback – is growing in pain. And the jets are aware of that.

Last season, in the first year of the reconstruction process, they went 5: 11. They are 3-6 this season after losing three games of the season after losing to Dolphins 13-6 on Sunday as rookies. Quarterback Sam Darnold played terribly.

But at least the big receiver Robby Anderson is tired of absorbing these uplifting growth pains.

"We have to find an answer," he said. "It has to change, I understand the emphasis on rebuilding, but I think that's tired of everyone, and I think that's an excuse, we have to challenge ourselves and make it, it can not be the same story."

Safety Jamal Adams has also ventilated Sunday as the jets have dropped to 2: 11 since the start of last season, including 1: 4 this year. (And one of those wins last year was the 0-16 Browns.)

"I'm sick of losing," he said. "Enough is enough, honestly, I'm sick of losing it, it's the same, the same stuff, and it's frustrating, that's it, really, I'm going to hold my tongue for nothing, because enough is enough, I'm not a loser, I do not do it for fantasy reasons, I do it out of love for the game, I'm very passionate, I believe in this team, I'm just frustrated.

"Man, I'm angry after every loss, I do not show it often, I do not like losing, I'm a big loser, and we have to figure it out, I do not know if it's going to change, I do not know when I do not have all the answers, I'm sick of losing it, it pisses me off every time, we lost, what, three, just up, man. "

Sam Darnold brutal in Miami

In particular, the attack of the jets was a mess in the last two weeks. Last week the jets lost 24-10 at the Bears. In the last two games they have a touchdown and three field goals. They were 3 out of 14 in third place against the Bears and 2 out of 13 on Sunday in Miami.

"I just feel like we're a bit denser than offense," Anderson said. "I just feel like we're having a problem getting down the field, I feel like we're stuck, like we're limited, things are not going, it's tough, and at this point of the season, we should solve the problem And it hurts us, we can not wait [the defense] To collect points for us. "

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