Robert Geiss: After Echo-Zoff: Carmen’s husband shows Farid-Bang fan – then Bushido interferes


The controversial echo win of the gangster rapper Farid Bang and Kollegah not only hit the media world high waves, even celebrities were sometimes consistent against the decision of those responsible. Reality star Carmen Geiss raced against the musicians on the weekend. Her husband Robert got involved in the debate – and made with his drastic remarks for a lot of detonator.
The rapper Geissens-Zoff weekend: In a post had millionaire’s wife Carmen Geiss Echo Award winner Farid Bang, among other things, as “a poor soul and really a sick person” called. Her husband Robert relented via Instagram and not only attacked Bang and Kollegah directly, but generalized his statements – and shot against foreigners: “All the foreigners who call us so bad in Germany all their funds, why are you still there ? ” Death threat against Carmen Geiss The Geiss-anger post demanded consequences: The couple was publicly insulted. One user pushed the discussion to the extreme. Addressed to Carmen, he wrote, “If I saw you, I’d cut you off.” Her husband then posted the post on his account, showed a photo of the person in question, and wrote, “He’ll get an ad for murder threats. “Robert’s followers received his drastic statement with mixed feelings – some agreed that the threat was too drastic, others blamed himself for such attacks. In the end, Farid Bang’s colleague Bushido joined in the discussion. With a swipe at Robert’s lack of punctuation and not always perfect wording, he commented, “For God’s sake! Please do something about your spelling weakness! “The geoses did not answer Bushido until now. In the video: Still posting by wife Carmen – TV millionaire rages against foreigners


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