Robert Puzsér: Hunting Johnny Deppre

All indications are that Johnny Depp is the abused party who did not have a presumption of innocence because he was male.

“Johnny Depp wasn’t expecting this lead role – he would have played the game very well, but let the game not play him anymore! It happens to him, which he used to do with Woody Allen and Louis CK: the destruction and systematic abolition of fabricated charges began. The defendants in the witch trials bearing the metoo trademark are rich white men on whom oppressed women’s movements must avenge their millennial grievances and never-suffered ills by the power of the public.

The novelty of the experience is not that the sinner finally gets his punishment, but that the charge is a good judgment even without evidence.

It is not the century of truth that has come, but the dawn of a series of abuses by influential women, where the falling edge of guillotine is elite-forced social exclusion and existential annihilation as a neo-barricade of human sacrifice wokeness leading to intimate partner violence from women’s structural oppression. The sacred document of the fourth wave of feminism, the Istanbul Convention, declares that “violence against women is a manifestation of the historically unequal power relations between women and men, which lead to the domination of women and discrimination against women and the full empowerment of women. led to the prevention of

Johnny Deppet was suspected by his wife, Amber Heard, of raping him, making the woman a “survivor of domestic abuse” – the result: the careers of one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors have been halved. He had no choice but to sue his ex-wife to prove his innocence at trial – if the sign that Kafka meant something, that was it.

The feminist course introduces the biggest domestic violence of the century: the lawsuit, a message to every husband and wife who knows a little bit. Johnny Depp’s criminal record was extended at the beginning of the trial to include another form of sexual abuse: the divorced woman was accused of tearing off her nightgown under the influence of eight or ten ecstasy tablets by a world-famous actor, kicking and slapping her on the floor this six years after their divorce.

Then, in the course of the lawsuit, facts suggesting Johnny Depp’s innocence came to light. It turned out that the makeup kit that Amber Heard used to hide traces of Johnny Depp’s punches during their relationship was only released after their divorce. An audio recording proves that the act of violence was just the opposite of the charge: Amber Heard used physical violence against Johnny Depp and not just punched it, but once even cut a piece from one of his fingers with a broken bottle of vodka. And that the abuse can be not only physical but also spiritual terror, the feces placed in Amber Heard’s husband’s bed is a pretty good example.

All indications are that Johnny Depp was not merely non-violent, but the abused party who did not have a presumption of innocence because he was male.

Metoo is simultaneously becoming a tragicomedy, a parody and a disgrace of itself: social justice, a series of settlements sponsored by multinational companies, do not enforce truth, but injustice, because they give a free card to feminine psychopaths. Metoo has become a movement of female abusers, liars, slanderers, showdowns and prejudiced gossipers – a lesson for the hundredth time: outside the rule of law, a fair future cannot be furnished and no one should believe in their genitals.

Obviously, this lawsuit will not bring back the departments of the Genderk course, the chief priests of the fourth wave of feminism – it will be said that the exception strengthens the rule that where wood is cut, shavings fly and that on the way to a just society naturally. happens. They will not take a step back and are already waiting for the next media-enabled affair where they can take revenge on the men and re-explain that the rich white heterosexual males are responsible for the troubles of the world. The consequences of this lawsuit will be, at most, that the opposite extremism, the incem movement, will get a blade-sharp weapon in its hands: blaming women will gain new resources, and the war on gender grievances could ignite more than ever.

Meanwhile, many hundreds of millions of women and men on the planet are victims of domestic abuse in many hundreds of millions of dysfunctional relationships? How could this culture, prevention, psychological work, financial help or a police presence help? Come on! The worse the better: the more violence, the more grievance, the more grievance, the stronger the identity political struggles, and the stronger the identity political struggles, the more successful the long march of the movement through institutions and culture for power.

The primordial state of all meto-affairs is the very first Dogma film, the best Danish film drama ever, Birthday. Following this prototype, metoo-affairs are being made today. The plot, performed in a hyperrealistic style, affected the intellectuals of the Western Hemisphere, in the best sense of the word, the intellectuals of Hungary, who took the knowledge integrated into themselves with the power of catharsis very much into their hearts, and did so very correctly. No one suspected that he was seeing the birth of a political achievement in the cultural space – we wrote 1998: that was when the meto-meme was established.

Then the writer-director Thomas Vinterberg noticed what kind of abuse the privilege of trauma carries and produces, so fourteen years later he made the film drama Birthday, partly with the same actors, to place the other direction next to the exclamation mark in one direction: a Birthday Story of Corruption – Hunting is a story of false accusation of corruption.

The big trouble is that international feminism is not filming the Birthday, but the Hunt with live characters and real destinies. Where does the metoo movement get the moral basis for judging anything, representing anyone, knowing this? Do you want to cut yourself through a series of false accusations and planned settlements to the point of truth and fairness? The twentieth century teaches that this path does not lead to the promised land, but to totalitarianism. ”

Opening Johnny Depp at the trial. Photo: JIM LO SCALZO / POOL / AFP