Robin Ex-KPK Calls Tanjungbalai Case Managed by the Taliban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The former mayor of Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra, M. Syahrial, admitted that he had received information from a former investigator from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).NCP), AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju, regarding the team that handled the case of alleged corruption in the auction of positions in Tanjungbalai which involved him was the team Taliban.

This was conveyed by Syahrial when he was a witness for the defendants Stepanus and Maskur Husain at the Corruption Court (Tipikor) at the Central Jakarta District Court, Monday (11/10).

“[Terdakwa Robin] Have you ever conveyed the initials of the investigator in the witness case? Or has the term investigator ever been conveyed?” said the KPK prosecutor, Heradian Salipi.

“In my case at that time it was mentioned the Taliban, sir, ‘this Taliban’,” answered Syahrial.

Stepanus and Maskur Husain were put on trial because they were charged with accepting bribes from Syahrial to help stop the investigation into the alleged corruption case in the auction of positions in Tanjungbalai. However, the case is still being processed by the KPK until Syahrial is named a suspect.

The KPK investigators who handled the alleged corruption case in the auction of this position were Novel Baswedan Cs. While handling the case, Novel Cs found evidence of Stepanus’ involvement in accepting bribes from Syahrial. For this reason, Stepanus was brought before the court and dismissed from the KPK.

In this trial, Syahrial stated that he did not know who the investigators were in the ‘Taliban team’.

“Who handled the ‘Taliban team’, did you explain who the defendant was?” asked the prosecutor.

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“He said it was the Taliban, it’s difficult to enter,” Syahrial replied.

In this case, Stepanus and Maskur Husain were accused of receiving gifts or promises in the form of money with a total amount of Rp11,025,077,000 and US $ 36,000.

The total amount of money was received by Stepanus and Maskur from several parties related to five corruption cases handled by the anti-corruption agency. Two of them are from Syahrial and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin.


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