RoboCop Back in the development of Neil Blomkamp

We're not sure who asked exactly why, but maybe you're interested in making another RoboCop movie.
District 9 director Neil Blomkamp was tapped to lead a new RoboCop sequel to MGM called RoboCop Returns, according to Deadline.
Produced by Paul Verhoeven in 1987, RoboCop is a brilliant, hyper-powerful law enforcement, government and private business satire whose reboot was already attempted in 2014.
According to Deadline, MGM hopes to completely revive the franchise with this new Blomkamp film. During his heyday, RoboCop inspired two movie sequels, a TV series, two cartoons, and a host of other multimedia content that made the dystopian character an unlikely action hero.
RoboCop Returns is written by Justin Rhodes, who is also co-author of the upcoming sixth Terminator movie. Rhodes is reported to rewrite an existing script by Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, authors of the original film. Neumeier and Miner will be involved in this new sequel in production capacity.
Since the new movie is a direct continuation of the first movie, RoboCop Returns will ignore both the original sequels and the 2014 remake.
"It's a continuation of the first film," said Neumeier to Zeitgeist. "In my mind, so it's a bit more of the old school."
Blomkamp, ​​the director who is to direct the sequel to reality, is a filmmaker whose films (such as Elysium and Chappie) have all focused on science-fiction-based cultural commentary, much like the original RoboCop. It is not surprising to hear that the filmmaker counts this film among his influences.
"The original has influenced me a lot as a kid," Blomkamp said deadline. "I loved it then and it remains a classic at the bottom of the sci-fi catalog of the twentieth century, with real meaning beneath the surface, hopefully we can get closer to making a sequel, which is my goal here."
According to Blomkamp, ​​the themes of the original film with which he is currently resonating relate above all to "identity and the search for identity".
"What attracts me now is someone looking for his lost identity, taken away from the people who benefit from it, and his memory persecuted," Blomkamp continued. "That's fascinating."
Blomkamp was in a similar position before considering the potential revival of a classic 80s franchise. In recent years he has been attached to a possible continuation of alien that would ignore the elements of history introduced in alien 3 and alien: resurrection. While news from the project aroused much fan interest, this sequel did not materialize.
We'll learn more about RoboCop Returns as the project evolves.

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