Robot Sophia wishes success to the Pharaohs World Cup and the frequency of “Long live Egypt”


The first day of the Creative Industry Forum saw a unique session under the title “Artificial Intelligence”, in which the robot Sophia participated, which represents the latest in the robotics revolution. Sophia captures the latest of artificial intelligence, its ability to interact with people, and to answer any question with precision, speed, pleasures and reactions that correspond to the human being, which it did during the forum through interaction with the audience. During the session, which included an interesting dialogue between the robot “Sophia” and media Osama Kamal, Android confirmed her happiness to visit Egypt and participate in the forum of creative industry. The session witnessed a great interaction when the robot “Sophia” talked about the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, which he described as a great achievement, and wished her success for the Egyptian team during the World Cup. As for the future of the creative industry, Sophia said, “The creative industry needs to focus on content so that creative ideas can be brought to attention. She noted that artificial intelligence represents a revolution that adds much to the creative field. As media analyst Osama Kemal questioned whether artificial intelligence would replace the leaders of the creative industry in the future, Sofia stressed that the two sides are complementary to each other. Responding to a question about whether the robot could replace broadcasters and media professionals, Sophia asserted that the robot could not replace man but was made to bring about a better life for humanity. And concluded the robot Sophia talk with the media Osama Kamal expressed happiness to participate in the Forum, echoing “Long live Egypt.” The field of artificial intelligence is one of the most important content topics addressed by the Forum in its eighth edition, which is currently a major concern as one of the growing investment areas at the global level.


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