Robots achieved the birth of two babies and could reduce the costs of in vitro fertilization

According to scientists, this technology would reduce treatment costs and help more people have access to the in vitro fertilization. This was stated in a publication in the magazine Technology Review from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH).

For this breakthrough, engineers at Barcelona, ​​Spain, designed a sperm injection robot that was sent to the city of New York, USA, to be used at the New Hope Clinic. There, the scientists assembled it and attached a microscope, a mechanized needle, a petri dish, and connected it to a laptop.

The device was controlled by an engineer who had no experience in fertility medicine and incorporated a robotic needle via a PlayStation 5 controller.

That needle was fixed on a human egg with the help of a camera to penetrate it to be able to leave a sperm inside. According to the scientists, the robot was able to repeat the procedure several times.

2023-04-29 02:34:08

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