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Rock singer: At 69 father again: So Peter Maffay got to know his Hendrikje

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          Peter Maffay once again surprised everyone: On Tuesday, the musician announced through his management that his girlfriend Hendrikje Balsmeyer earlier this month gave birth to a girl. Cleverly, the couple had hidden the pregnancy in front of the public. Almost exactly three years ago had the
          Rock singer surprised his fans with similar news. In December 2015, he informed – also via management – that he had separated from his longtime wife Tania. The couple had been romantically involved for twelve years and had only been married ecclesiastically in July of that year. Peter Maffay had just gotten married. Because of the reason for the separation, the singer made no big secret: he found himself "in a relationship with
          Hendrikje Balsmeyer, a teacher from Thuringia, "he said, adding that a woman over 40 years old had conquered his heart, and Maffay told the" Bild "newspaper:" In October, I had an encounter that fascinated me. This has given rise to a deep affection that I and my new partner take very seriously. "The 69-year-old, however, was not quite sure of the date, because Maffay got to know his new love much earlier, as a Youtube video that was now deleted showed a concert in
          Magdeburg, June 14, 2015. It showed how Maffay brought the young woman to the stage. One day later, Balsmeyer proudly posted pictures of the encounter on her Facebook page. When Peter Maffay traveled to his native Romania in August 2015 with a group of fans, the young teacher was also at his side (see photo). However, even though Maffay cheated on the date, the singer was right in assessing their relationship. He called it "deep affection" at the time. For three years, the two are a couple – their daughter now seals their love.


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