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Till Lindemann would not have had a good weekend, as he would have been detained and interrogated by the police in Russia.

The story is as follows: the website Summa Inferno published that the Rammstein frontman received the security forces in his hotel room, while preparing his performance at the Maclarin for Homeland festival in the town of Tver (almost 200 kilometers north of Moscow). Apparently the fact is related to the current prohibition in force in that country, on holding meetings on a massive scale.

Lindemann’s agent, Anar Reiband, was also arrested on charges of lying in his statement about his reason for the trip to the European country, as he was carrying a tourist visa. From the event they assured that they were complying with all the safeguards and protocols to receive an audience of 500 people.

This controversy occurs days after staff from the Hermitage – Russia’s main museum – and the singer, after the latter sold a performance given at the venue via NFT, something unauthorized.



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