Rocker trial in Bern – police used water cannons against Hells Angels and Bandidos – News

  • The rocker trial against 22 members of the rival motorcycle clubs Hells Angels and Bandidos began in Bern in the morning.
  • Stones and bottles flew between the warring gangs. The police used rubber bullets and water cannons.
  • The main suspect is charged with attempted murder. He was taciturn in court.

At the start of the process, the “rocker war” raged in the middle of Bern. Around 200 members of the Hells Angels and Bandidos rocker gangs marched in front of the Bern office building to support their 22 motorcycle club colleagues in front of the Bern-Mittelland regional court.

The police first tried to keep the warring gangs separate with barricades.

With water cannon against rocker gangs

But it didn’t take long for the shreds to fly. The rival rockers threw stones and bottles at each other. The police then pushed the groups back with rubber shot and tear gas. The situation calmed down.

But not for long: when the Bandidos wanted to leave for the north, rockers threw stones and bottles again. The police had to use a water cannon, rubber bullets and service dogs to keep the rival biker gangs at bay.

Court cordoned off

Because of the rocker skirmish, both public transport travelers and drivers needed a lot of patience on Monday. The streets around the courthouse were cordoned off for hours. Likewise, various bus stations could no longer be served.

As the police announced in the early afternoon, no police officers were injured in the clashes. Otherwise there were no reports of injured persons. The large security measures at the bulwark will continue to be maintained, it is said.

In the afternoon, the Hells Angels finally left with their cars and motorbikes. Calm returned to Bern. The question is for how long.

The main suspect is taciturn

In the morning, the judge questioned the main suspect, who is charged with attempted murder. The 37-year-old Bandido is already in early prison.

court drawing


The main defendant (left) is already in early prison.


He is taciturn about the clashes in Belp: “I make no statement about it” or “I can’t remember,” explains the man. He had been in prison for around ten years for other violent crimes: “I was young and stupid. And I earned every day in the box, »said the accused.

That’s what the Monster Trial is about

open box
Box zuklappen

Supporters of the Bandidos motorcycle club wanted to open a clubhouse in Belp (BE). The Hells Angels and their fellow Broncos got wind of it and went there.

Starting today, 22 men have to answer to the Bern-Mittelland regional court for a month. All of the accused are accused of taking part in a scuffle. In the case of two men, it is also about attempted murder, possibly serious bodily harm. The main suspect, according to the indictment a Bandidos supporter, is said to have shot several times with a handgun and seriously injured a man.

I earned every day in the box.

During the break, the main suspect’s lawyer said that despite the 22 defendants, the case was not that complicated from a criminal point of view: “It’s a short story that needs to be carefully assessed.”

Hells Angels


Before the trial began, the police rounded up members of the Hells Angels.


The court hearing started with some delay in the morning. First, all parties had to be admitted and seated in the hall. Around a dozen defendants had been granted a dispensation. The process is expected to take around a month.

The Swiss rocker scene

open box
Box zuklappen

The largest group in the world and also in Switzerland are the Hells Angels, in this country there are up to 200 members and even more candidates for membership. The second largest rocker group is the Bandidos MC, in Switzerland there are up to 40 active members. There are also a few other smaller rocker or rocker-like groups in Switzerland.

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