Rockfest concerts in Hilden inspire spectators

Music festival in Hilden
Rockfest concerts delight spectators

Many Hildeners use the festival at Holterhöfchen to listen to good music and meet friends. The concert program starts at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

With the idea of ​​doing good in more ways than one, Mani Neumann, a Hilden pop institution as the devil’s violinist in Trio Farfarello, organized the Hilden Rock Festival in the form of a two-day charity festival. And everyone played along: Several top-class bands, many volunteers under the direction of Joana Neumann, sponsors, Hilden politics and last but not least the weather, which drew around 1000 music-loving people to the stage at Holterhöfchen on Saturday with free admission . The donations received are intended to finance the festival and support the Hildener Ukraine Aid, which also receives ten percent of the gastronomy turnover. The “Hilden ist Rockfest” festival is going into the second round this Sunday, June 12th.

“Keep going, because the rhythm moves me,” sings Micha Kutscha, front man of the band 21 Gramm, which opens the festival, on Saturday afternoon. With regard to Alejandro Inarritu’s psycho-drama of the same name, “21 Grams”, in which the weight is supposed to represent the weight of the human soul, the Wuppertal newcomers (Kutscha was already successful with The Voice of Germany) are stacking their weight immeasurably low. With the quintet, the soul part of their music is weighted considerably higher and combines perfectly appealing lightness and a deeper claim.

“The band was really great,” says Petra Karachristou, who otherwise likes Peter Maffay and also recommends that Hilden’s city marketing should do more for such events. “I’m here because of the music, but also because of the people, here you meet a lot of old acquaintances, some of whom you haven’t seen for months because of Corona,” explains Detlef Kürschgen.

Udo Rüttgers, who used to hardly miss any of the group’s concerts for more than 15 years, is undeniably recognizable as a Trio Farfarello fan by his shirt. “It’s just fantastic to get something like this off the ground,” says Haaner, who at the same time complains that Corona has hit the music scene badly.

This is also confirmed by Mani Neumann, whose musical restart is initially torpedoed by a defective cable on Ulli Brand’s guitar, which disturbs Farfarello’s music with unusual electronic sounds. “For two years and five months, we artists were virtually cut off from the outside world,” complains Neumann, who can look back on a history of more than 40 years with his band, adding that around 130 performances were canceled in 2020 alone and only three concerts were played could become.

But then, with the reinforcement of bassist Urs Fuchs, there is the typical Farfarello sound of pop, folk and classic borrowings. Since Ludwig van Beethoven and his 250th birthday were also among the victims of the corona restrictions, the trio intoned a typical Farfarello mix of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and their own arrangement with “Ludwig”. There is the usual applause, but it must not hide the fact that the music of the festival was the reason for many visitors, but ultimately the joie de vivre, the opportunity to meet again and exchange ideas, is clearly in the foreground was standing. But professional musicians should understand that.

On Saturday evening, the audience experienced the “best German blues band” around musician Toscho, according to Mani Neumann, in fantastic weather – the worthy end of a fantastic concert day.

This Sunday the program of “Hilden ist Rockfest” starts after a musical breakfast in the morning at 4 p.m. with the band Neuanfunk. At 5:30 p.m., former Lords member Charly T. will play with his new band Pandora. At 7:30 p.m. Klaus Lage’s former bassist, Martin Engelien, will take the stage with his band Go Music.