Rodez. Economy: Companies invite the State as close as possible to their reality

the essential
Yesterday afternoon, in the enclosure of the CCI in Rodez, the new prefect of Aveyron Charles Giusti met business leaders to better understand the economy of the department. This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the situation of companies, sector by sector.

Faced with the new prefect of Aveyron, Charles Giusti, a dozen business leaders in the sector, including some representatives of their sector (catering, hydrogen, etc.) came to present the outlines of an economic situation shaken up by the explosion in the cost of energy, the war in Ukraine, the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic in certain regions of the world, etc. A situation exposed many times by the economic and political leaders of the department.

So, in a meeting room of the CCI in Rodez, where Dominique Costes, the president of the consular chamber, received the representative of the State, this meeting was an opportunity for lively exchanges in order to allow the prefect to better understand the economic reality of Aveyron.

A reality that allows the prefect to say that “the Aveyron economy is rather resilient”. “State intervention, particularly during the Covid crisis, was decisivecontinues Dominique Costes. The companies around the table can attest to that. But several issues still need to be worked on in order to be as efficient as possible for our businesses.”

Skill loss

The one that has crystallized the debates, apart from the cost of energy for example, remains the issue well known to companies: recruitment. Very regularly, moreover, economic officials warn of this state of affairs.

With unemployment at 5.6 %, we know almost full employmentcontinues the prefect. It’s a sign of good health but at the same time, it becomes difficult for some companies to find candidates. And the representative of the State to launch this call: “The image of certain professions must absolutely evolve. The company is also a social elevator that must be valued.” “If we want to train, we must also keep young people on our territory. This is another challenge. Our objective, at the end of my mandate, is still to train 1,300 young people. It is not a number given by chance but because it corresponds to a need”recalls Dominique Costes Car, “if we are unable to find candidates, this also means a loss of skills for companies”, completes Patricia Fontanié, the director of the CCI. Thus, the entrepreneurs of the day and the representatives of the CCI have agreed to offer the prefect regular visits, once a month, “local businesses”. Clearly, the participants in this meeting invited the State and its local representative to continue its commitment alongside companies, by doing so, as Dominique Costes points out, “as closely as possible to realities and needs”.