Sports Rodrigo Corrales and Pérez de Vargas, Spain boasts of...

Rodrigo Corrales and Pérez de Vargas, Spain boasts of goalkeepers


Three of three from Spain in the European handball after the foreseeable victory against the Netherlands (25-36), to put the end to the first phase without any damage. The duel was once again a demonstration of what the Hispanics are: a selection in which the group is above the individualities and that is supportive in defense as the basis of its collective functioning. If the back works everything flows: kickbacks and goalkeeper stops. Rodrigo Corrales was this time in charge of defending the goal of Jordi Ribera's team and he was named the best player in the clash, with a spectacular 45 percent success: 20 stops of 44 pitches. Especially notable were his interventions in kickbacks. The actions that in other sports are called one on one, in handball they are called one against zero, because of the great advantage that the attacker has over the goalkeeper. But this time the "zero" had a lot to say. In the previous match against Germany Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas was pointed out as the most prominent.

It boasts of Spain goal with a couple that could also be that of Barcelona. Actually that was the plan of the Barça team when he signed them both as children. With 15 years came the Galician giant of 201 centimeters. They shared up to floor, they were inseparable, and when their paths were to come together again after several assignments to grow, Corrales chose to go to the PSG millionaire instead of returning with Gonzalo. In France he first learned next to Omeyer, the Gallic myth and torture of Spain in so many championships. Your next destination will be Veszprem, starting next summer and after the Tokyo Games, for which Spain hopes to qualify.

Yes the two friends are now in the selection. The "MVP" of the match against Holland has had to wait a few more years to be with the elders, but as soon as Sterbik left his place there was no doubt who was going to occupy it. There is goal for a while. Tradition continues in Spain in a position where Lorenzo Rico, Barrufet, Hombrados and company left the pavilion very high. Rodrigo was already proclaimed champion of Europe two years ago in Croatia, being decisive in the match against Germany that meant the take off of the Hispanics.

Jordi Ribera took advantage of the meeting against the Netherlands to give minutes to all his men and that the efforts are shared with a view to what is to come. The top scorer was Jorge Maqueda, with an impeccable six of six in the pitch. Five out of five managed Aitor Ariño.

25 – Netherlands: Ravensbergen; Schagen (1), Sluijters (-), Benghanem (3), Schoenaker (-), Adams (-) and Boomhouwer (4) -initial team- Eijlers (ps), Leenders (1), Luc Steins (5), Ivo Steins (-), Versteijnen (-), Smits (8, 3p), Jerry (1), Baijens (-) and Remer (2)

36 – Spain: Corrals (1); Solé (2), Maqueda (6), Raúl Entrerríos (2), Dani Dujshebaev (3), Ariño (5) and Figueras (4) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Ángel Fernández (4), Alex Dujshebaev (1), Sarmiento (1), Aginagalde (3), Cañellas (2), Morros (-), Aleix Gómez (1p) and Gideon Guardiola (1)

Referees: Mazeika and Gatelis (Lithuania). They excluded Schoenaker, Benghanem, Sluijters (2), Leenders (2), Baijens and Jerry for the Netherlands for two minutes; and to Solé and Dani Dujshebaev for Spain.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the third and final day of group C of the first phase of the European of Sweden, Austria and Norway played at the Spektrum in Trondheim (Norway) before 3,809 spectators.

Second stage

Spain will have to wait for today to meet all its rivals in the second phase. Group B remains to be decided with duels between Austria and Macedonia and Ukraine and the Czech Republic (all have options). Against one of them the Hispanics will be released. The safe rivals are Croatia (the great danger) and Belarus. Of this group of six teams, the first two will be the ones that get into the semifinals and fight for the medals.

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