Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ turns 43 and celebrates it with his partner Salvatore | SHOWS

Rodrigo gonzalez is on birthday. The host of ‘Amor y fuego’ turns 43 years of life and celebrated it surrounded by his family, close friends and his partner, Salvatore. Here we tell you the details.

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Through your Instagram account, Rodrigo González shared images of the gifts and celebrations in which he was the protagonist for his birthday. Gigi Miter, his driving partner, could not miss the celebration.

Rodrigo González also published the image of a special gift he received from his mother, who dedicated a few lines to him for this special day. to. “Happy birthday, always with you, your mommy”, wrote the mother of ‘Peluchín’.


The popular ‘stuffed animal’ also attacked Sebastian Lizarzaburu for posting images of Juan Víctor Sánchez’s daughter on his Instagram.

Criticism of the former reality boys was unleashed when Juan Víctor, father of one of the minors from San Martín, complained about uploading videos of his daughter bathing. As he said, he has not heard anything positive from the ‘rock man’, so he distrusts him.

If it were my daughter I would worry exactly the same, if you Andrea trust your boyfriend and you have all the relationship you want, but the daughter is not only yours. So there are behaviors that cannot be accepted “Rodrigo González sentenced.



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