The news that all Roger Federer fans feared, but hopefully dodged, finally hit them like a bullet. The Swiss tennis master has announced his retirement from all forms of tennis.

Federer confirmed this sad news through a press release that was also published on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He is expected to have an official interaction with his fans through live Instagram and with the media through a press conference to clarify all doubts.

Meanwhile, fans who were no longer very happy with the cancellation of tennis have been shocked by this drastic announcement. In fact, Federer’s critics have been listening closely on social media, accused of pushing the Swiss star to this decision.

However, the player statement gives us a little idea where it comes from. What did Roger Federer say? Federer did not go into the details of his decision. However, this is what we can infer for now: the quarantine period gave him plenty of time to think and prioritize again.

Roger revealed that his injury, along with the quarantine break, gave him plenty of time to talk to loved ones and be with his family. Now he has developed a new perspective to see things and how he wants people to remember his legacy.

Roger revealed that he had accomplished everything he wanted from his illustrious career. In fact, he had no interest in pursuing a Grand Slam career. He praised his Big 3 teammates Rafael Nadal and Novak Djoković.

On a lighter note, he hoped one of them would catch up with him soon. However, there was one piece of information that turned out to be the most interesting. Roger revealed that he is winning Wimbledon 2021 and that there is no person on Earth who can stop him.

In fact, you will win 30 grand slams and your enemies can complain as much as they want. Because of course we are kidding since it is April Fool’s Day. Don’t worry people, Roger Federer is not going anywhere.

Our beloved tennis star will be there until she is 50, and there is nothing that can make a pandemic of it.

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