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Roger Federer’s English failed on the pitch at Wimbledon

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English can be a difficult language even for people who tend to speak it fluently despite the fact that their native language is another. TO Roger Federer he failed to understand English in an interview in the middle of the Wimbledon despite the fact that the question was only directed to know how much he missed playing the prestigious English tournament.

The Swiss Roger Federerse qualified this Tuesday to the second round of the tournament of Wimbledon after the abandonment due to injury of French Adrian Mannarino on the grass of the center court of the All England Club Londoner.

There, one of the presenters asked him some questions that sought to make Federer feel comfortable, but the opposite turned out when the Swiss did not understand and he had to make it clear so as not to answer something wrong.

They asked him if it is true that he missed Wimbledon after a few years of absenceAlthough the question included an English proverb that refers to the affection that people feel when they spend a lot of time away from their loved places.

When he finally managed to answer, he remembered that his English is not that good for certain phrases or words causing applause from people.

Federer He is eighth in the world and this morning, after almost two and a half hours of play, he got the pass after his opponent Mannarino fell to the ground when he was losing the fifth game of the fourth set and had to leave the duel.

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