Roger Milla’s Valencian epic has brought back many memories

Lack of football? Need to get away from anxiety-provoking news? Nostalgia for an era that reminds some of our readers of their youth? There is undoubtedly a little of all that to explain the interest aroused by our article devoted to the incredible passage of Roger Milla under the Valenciennes colors, between 1977 and 1979.

Shared hundreds of times on social media, subject to many comments, the paper on Nungesser’s adventures to the man who became the oldest goalscorer in a world cup match, at 42 in 1994, brought back a lot of memories among supporters of the club.

Operation voucher
Operation voucher ”
Golden Shoe
“, Which helped finance the transfer of Roger Milla to Valenciennes.

Many readers have praised ” a super player “, Who only played for one season with the Valencian pros. Others also delivering tasty anecdotes related to the African striker. ” He used to come to my parents’ house every day at the café brasserie near the station, says Michel Lemoine. He also coached the women’s team but had to stop because his wife was very jealous. “

The trace left by one who remains one of the best African players in history is also linked to the conditions of his arrival in Valenciennes. To offer the services of the Cameroonian striker, the leaders of the time had launched a subscription with the supporters
: “Operation Golden Boot”, of which Stanislas Niedzwiecki has transmitted to us an active vestige of his participation. ” Convert 10 Francs into euros, for me 1.5 euros. A junk compared to the current football market “, He slips rightly.


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