Roglic, the last example of late beginnings in sport


The Slovenian Primoz Roglic has one of the most curious histories receintes within the sport. Despite having recently won the Tour de Romandía or previously the Tour of the Basque Country being one of the favorites to win the next Tour of Italy, the reality is that it did not start in the world of cycling until the age of 21. Previously, he was a ski jumper, becoming a junior team champion.

His case reminds other athletes that they either started in the sport that stood out after having practiced another one, or they jumped to professionalism late because of personal circumstances. In Spain now everyone's capacity is on everyone's lips Salma Paralluelo, an Aragonese who combines her passion for football with athletics. He was a key player in Spain in the European Sub'17 but he is still a sprinter of 200, 400 smooth and 400 with hurdles.

Tony Rominger
The Swiss debuted at a professional level with 26 years

One of the most outstanding cases and also like Roglic, in the world of cycling was Tony Rominger. The Swiss did not start pedaling until he was too late to start practicing a sport. For that reason, it would not get to debut professionally with 26 years. The most curious of all was that despite everything, had a sports career full of success, where he became crowned champion of the Tour of Spain on three occasions and the Giro d'Italia. He competed for a Tour with Miguel Indurain.

Koikili Lertxundi
From Greco-Roman wrestling to football

Koikili Lertxundi had a totally different sports career before starting to play football at 15 years old. Two years before, he was the Spanish champion of Greco-Roman wrestling in the cadet category. In addition, his jump of 2ºB to First Division of hand of the Athletic Club arrived of so abrupt way that sometimes it was seen him arrive at the facilities of Lezama with the car of the company of the work that combined at that moment at the same time that was player of the Sestao River.

Sébastian Loeb
He debuted at the races with 21 years

Sébastain Loeb began his sports career in a discipline that nobody can imagine, let alone seeing his incredible career in the automotive industry. He started in gymnastics with three years, since his father became champion. After more than ten years practicing this sport and taking several competitions, he decided to try his luck with 21 years in the world of rally racing. Five years later he was already competing in the World Rally Car, of which he has been eight times champion so far.

Liédson da Silva Muniz
He jumped professional football with 22 years

In the case of Liédson Muniz, despite dreaming all his life with becoming a professional in the world of football, family circumstances deprived him of it when he was young. He had to work from a young age but in spite of everything, his hopes continued and he did not abandon his dream. I played while in amateur liguillas.

Exactly, one of their jobs was achieved because the supermarket that ended up hiring looked for good players for an internal league of the chain. That's where the interest of Poçoes came from, who would sign him for his club at the age of 22, starting a high-level professional career that took him, among others, to Sporting de Lisboa.

Donald Thomas
He did not start training high jump until he was 22 years old

The Bahamian Donald Thomas changed the basketball for the high jump for a bet with a friend, who after seeing him crush the ring challenged him to jump on the track. After making three perfect jumps to the first, his friends went quickly to see his coach and tell him what they had witnessed. Two days later he was already wearing the college athletic shirt. A year and a half after this moment, he won the gold medal in the World Athletics Championships held in Osaka in 2007.


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