Rojuu: The Rising Star of Spanish Trap and His Unpredictable Interview on ‘The Resistance’

At only 20 years old, born in Barcelona, Rojuu has become one of the most important Spanish trap promises today, releasing one of his latest songs together with the winner of Triumph operation, the end I want but no.

Rojuu was the guest of The resistance, David Broncano’s program, on Tuesday night to promote his 2023 tour. The trap singer conducted one of the funniest interviews in recent times. He was one of those guests that you never know where it’s going to come out and whose mind is difficult to understand. Each response was better than the last and there were moments that left Broncano blank.

They talked about the most unusual topics possible, among them, the singer’s favorite mountain, his wife, how many children he wants to have and, of course, he did not get rid of the classic questions of The resistance: sexual relations in the last month and money in the bank.

To the last he replied that his manager would not let him answer. In the end, the singer agreed: “Much more than 100,000 euros. Much more”. The host of the program insisted: “350,000? 198,000?”

The guest wanted to settle the figure by saying: “More than a hundred Bull Terriers are worth”. Regarding sexual intercourse, Rojuu said a random figure: “I don’t know, fifteen sexual intercourses during the last thirty days.”

His beginnings in music

Already in the program, the Catalan artist explained that he considers himself a ‘vocaloid’. “My existence after music does not exist. I make music and then it is me, but the music is not me. I mean, I am more Hatsune Miku that Estopa is Estopa”, he tried to explain.

The singer stands out for fusing genres and, in addition to trap, he immerses himself in other styles such as grunge, punk, lo-fi, cloud trap, heavy metal, among others. The Catalan rose to fame thanks to his YouTube channelwhere he gives his opinion on current music, a channel in which he now has 170,000 followers.

It was then that he decided to start his musical career, very much aimed at melancholy and a relaxing rhythm, playing with auto tune or voice distortion effects, becoming owner of the word ‘ceuve’, which means to be depressed.

Your references are artists precursors of the Emo-trap movement like the band Gothboiclique, Lil Peep or Yung Lean.

2023-02-22 08:00:00

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