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Toni Rold

Toni Roldn announces his resignation in Congress

TweetMiguel Sebastin, former minister ofShoemaker: "Brave, coherent and loyal with your ideas, @toniroldanm, today you have done honor to your genes, I wish you the best in this new stage". I do not know how a progressive man like the ex-minister can consider that political preferences must pay tribute to the inheritance, even if it is genetic. Do children who do not follow their parents' political preference dishonor their genes? To the genes it offends you that you do not do of the PP if you are, for example, son ofAznar?

Exactly what I found most attractive in the figure ofToni Roldnis that when he decided to do politics he chose to do it in Citizens, and in the terms he explained in his speech on Monday: to overcome the confrontation of reds and blues, and serve the country. l was almost born with the PSOE card in the mouth: his parents are two leading socialist economists, surely durmi as small in the arms of more than some important leader of that party because his mother was a high position in the Moncloa of the end ofFelipe Gonzlez, but Roldn did not enter politics with the Socialists, in fact, for years he refused to do so.

I have told it in several forums: the one that really awakened the public vocation of Roldn was the former finance minister and Chilean presidential candidate,Andrs Velasco, one of the references of Citizens. The course that impressed Roldn was calledThe political economy of economic policyand Velasco has taught it at Columbia and at Harvard since 2011. The students, jokingly, gave it a short name:How to be a minister?(How to be a minister?).Luis Garicano, academic mentor of Roldn, was the one that took advantage of this concern and attracted Citizens with the idea of ​​consolidating a party that promoted public policies based on evidence and not on ideology. And, above all, it was a useful match to Spain.

It is true that when Roldn made the decision to enter politics, the PSOE was little more than a regional Andalusian party after Zapatero's adjustment policies turned it into a solar (metaphorically). A very unattractive site for a young economist. So Ciudadanos seemed like an excellent idea, although it probably seemed to Sebastin that it was tainting his genes a bit.

The "citizen" of Roldn was an amendment to the whole to the theses ofThe 18 Brumaire… ofMarxthat it is the objective conditions that determine history and personal decisions do not count, that we are toys of previously written historical laws. A few days ago we talked about this with the British historianIan Kershaw, author of a monumental biography ofHitler: l thinks, and I subscribe to it, that human personalities play a fundamental role in history.

The resignation of Roldn has had a lot of impact on the media, but most of the Spaniards did not even know who it is. I think this young economist does not need politics as much as politics needed him. And, without a doubt, that the PSOE ofSanchezHe will court him thoroughly in the future. But I hope it is not to continue honoring their genes, as Sebastin says, and for Spain to continue playing this boring game of reds and blues.

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