Role models: Bavarian member of parliament reveals himself as a transgender person


Between man and woman, there are numerous identities that are slowly being accepted socially. Even the Green politician Markus Ganserer has long bothered with his identity.

For the sake of simplicity, Markus Ganserer says he is a transgender. Perhaps most of them can imagine something like that. Actually, that's not quite true. The world in which the Greens MP has been immersed for a few years, and of which he is the first to speak publicly that day, is not always easy for outsiders to see through.

There are many gender identities, all of which are grouped under the generic term Trans *. Each person has to find the appropriate term for himself. Ganserer speaks of himself as a transident. He alternates between two sexes, sometimes he is a man, sometimes he is a woman. He feels comfortable in both roles, he does not want to decide for one. How much he changes when he is a woman? Ganserer considers. Not much, he says. He does not sit quite so broad-legged, but otherwise? As a woman he is more charming, says one who knows his two identities.

Gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality

Ganserer could also be described as non-binary. Binary are people who can divide themselves into a category of man or woman. Non-binary people have no gender or change. In addition, there are people who are born in the wrong body and want to change their innate gender. Some speak of them as transsexual. They usually strive to match their biological gender to the actual sex hormones or surgery.

People born with female and male gender features are intersexual. Often they are already operated as children. Intersex organizations have been criticizing this practice for years as a violation of human rights. How many trans * – people there are in Germany is not known. Petra Reitzel, chair of the German Society for Trans-identity and Intersexuality, refers to figures from the Federal Ministry of Justice. From 1981 to 2016, nearly 25,000 people had a transsexual law procedure. Every year there were more. Converted to the birth rate, this results in a rate of 0.25 percent, said Reitzel, but the number of unreported cases is much higher. A study in the US assumes 0.6 percent.

Gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality. A man who is also a woman is not automatically gay. Such assumptions can cause serious injury to those affected, as well as the classification of the World Health Organization of Transsexuality as a disorder. From 2022 on, it will be listed as a "sexual health condition". Many also feel "pathologized" by the transsexual law. To change name or gender, psychological reports are required. It is also heavily criticized that only intersexuals should have the opportunity to opt for a third option alongside men or women.

The female ego

Markus Ganserer, member of parliament of the Greens, lives as a man and sometimes as a woman. At first he confided in his wife – now he goes public: "I confess today to being a transgender"

By Lisa Schnell





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