Role of cybersecurity in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

War between Russia and Ukraine caused a series of cyber attacks that affect the basic services of both countries. These are the scopes in terms of information security.

Cybersecurity and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are closely related because, in an increasingly digitized world, in which social and economic processes depend on information technologies, the tension between the two nations could also lead to a cyberwar.

Daniel González, cybersecurity expert at the SURA Digital Protection Center, expresses that, in this far-reaching dispute, information becomes a fundamental asset; Whoever obtains it enjoys a competitive advantage over the control of the systems and infrastructures that depend on it.

“Services connected to the network are vulnerable to any type of cyber attack and the impact of these has no borders. They can even affect critical infrastructure, made up of essential factors such as transportation, telecommunications, the aqueduct or power plants,” explains González.

In the following video, learn about the main implications and some recommendations in the face of a cyber war.

Cyber ​​attacks in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Currently, the planet is witnessing conventional type clashes, invasions and diplomatic tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine. Simultaneously, cybernetic altercations take place between intelligence systems and cyberactivists (the latter get along with one nation or another). For example:

  • Attacks on Entity Systems: on January 13, 2022, a malware The destructive attack attacked the technology equipment of Ukrainian nonprofits and technology companies, rendering the data they contained unusable.
  • Hacking to radio stations: a Russian station was intervened on January 17, 2022 by a cyber group, which disabled the transmission and published images on its signals.
  • Impact on government websites: seventy Ukrainian government websites were attacked on January 14, 2022; six of them were out of service and beyond recovery.
  • Sequestration of information from railway systems: During the journey on January 24, 2022, on the Belarusian train tracks, a group of people captured the information of the railway system, which disabled the transport of tanks and military machinery of Russian origin.

How to prevent computer damage in your company and in your personal life?

Information security is essential. Apply these tips in order to avoid affectations in any scenario:

  • Install certified antivirus or protection tools on your computers.
  • Use alphanumeric passwords on digital accounts and change them at least twice a year.
  • Keep backup copies of your data.
  • If possible, do not connect to public Wi-Fi networks.
  • disable the bluetooth while not in use.
  • Ignore unknown links and only access websites from the official URL.

Publication date: June 24, 2022.

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