Rolland Courbis: “Let us pray, for the TFC, that they are good Americans”

After Marseille and Bordeaux, here is Toulouse on the verge of passing under the American flag. Is it a good thing for French football?

First, I am not a soothsayer. Second, I’m not sure what the objectives of this investment fund will be. Wait and see, let’s wait and see. But don’t put all our friends in the same bag amerloques… There are serious Americans, not serious Americans, fanciful Americans, wacky Americans. Pray, for Toulouse, that they do not belong to the latter category! Let them be good in summary. Remember the passage of Colony Capital at Paris-SG before the Qataris (2006-2011): we had not jumped to the ceiling! The RedBird group in the Pink City, yes, we must accompany this project with all our wishes every day…

For TFC, anyway, that seems like a hell of an opportunity, doesn’t it?

Maybe yes, maybe not. A boy like Sadran is a serious president, very good at business. On the one hand, he had to study the takeover file thoroughly; on the other hand, he himself did not succeed. This is a rather disturbing observation. Mostly…


When we see what happened to the Girondins of M6 and Tavernost [racheté à l’été 2018 par le consortium étasunien General American CP – King Street puis par le second exclusivement en décembre dernier], pfff… It’s like Margarita Louis-Dreyfus who sold OM in 2016: she had the choice between two or three solutions, she tried to do the best not only for her but also for her club. Afterwards, like in the field, you can never know what’s going on with your replacement!

What ideal approach, in your opinion, will have to borrow the future Tefecist owners?

It’s all about being well surrounded. Damien Comolli, since he’s the one we hear about as the boss, seems to me to be quite competent. And let’s face it, inspired to place people in the important and essential positions of the organization chart. We will follow the story with great attention and hope for Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France, which, in the worst case, should be ranked 10th in L1. One day or another. As soon as possible, what.

In their joint press release, RedBird Capital Partners and Olivier Sadran (in exclusive negotiations since Thursday), envisage a recovery “as soon as possible”.

Of course ! There is no question for the Americans to vegetate in Ligue 2. The problem is that in the second division 7 to

8 teams have the same goal and, on arrival, more than half will be wrong.

The group has its experience in sport, in the USA of course, which also advocates for him…

So much the better, heard. However, I repeat, it is never easy to excel immediately. Then, once again, the mechanism inside the Girondins de Bordeaux does not invite optimism. At Olympique de Marseille, the picture is even different. It is the most attractive club in France, the most complicated to manage. When you disembark at the Vélodrome, you must take experienced relatives, knowing the area, the habits, the context … Pape Diouf combined all these qualities, Jacques-Henri Eyraud even brilliant begins if I dare.

Le Havre, finally, is time for the States!

Yes Yes. The dean of clubs in France, with Le Guen coach, seems nice. Now I only have a vision from the outside. I do not know more. Or if: it’s one more rival for Téfécé (smile).

Let’s go back to the Violets: generally, a change of owner is accompanied by a palace revolution …

The hot spot, of course. Comolli will have to decide and, if he is a good manager, leave the people who do their jobs well. Like the transfer window, there is a difference between recruiting and strengthening. Comolli will undoubtedly come with his men, but he must keep some elements. This seems essential to me, if only to acclimatize to the Southwest. In the city. The new Toulouse will have to attract.

Effective level, what golden rule to compose a team likely to take the elevator?

The right balance, the right mix: young people but not too much, experience in quantity there also reasonable, revenge, loaners who want to show themselves. Without forgetting a good dose of luck.

This descent, it was as big as a house …

Let’s say it’s been brewing for four-five years. So, by dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned.

A word on the pataquès between our authorities which direct the round ball.

Let’s say that if after a vote by the LFP so that the L2 is at 22 – which by the way repairs not all but certain injustices -, a means allows the FFF to cancel the decision, we are not bordering on the ridiculous. No: we are both feet inside! I have the lightness to think that the two teams relegated to National (Le Mans and Orléans) and by waterfall Le Puy and Béziers in N2 (GFC Ajaccio and Toulon, who also went down, will stay there), all four drafted Wednesday in the upper division, will not receive a second knife in the back next week. Let’s not mess around, everything has a limit. That the decision of the LFP be maintained.

What of Ligue 1?

Stop. The texts provide for an L2 up to 22 clubs and an L1 up to 20. That’s all. Even if I agree that Amiens is to be pitied with its 4 small points behind Nîmes the 18th, exceptionally non-barragiste this year. 14 units from the Crocos, Toulouse – and given my attachment to the club, you know that it breaks my heart to joke with it – is nevertheless the PSG of the tail of the championship…

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