Rollover like in the Hollywood film: 700 euros fine for horror crash News

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Spectacular accident on an idyllic English country road. A bit of radio in the background – unfortunately a bit cloudy. Nothing spectacular in sight. A completely normal drive on the country road. Until that happens! When trying to avoid a wrong-way driver, the 20-year-old driver loses control of his Fiat 500. The vehicle is meters high in the air and rolls over several times. Debris fly through the air. The driver and passenger are taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The accident happened back in September 2022 – now the police are releasing the images during the trial. The driver of the Fiat is fined the equivalent of almost 700 euros and 7 points. Incidentally, both people in the accident car have now fully recovered from their injuries.

Source: North Yorkshire Police

03/17/2023 – 8:08 p.m