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Roman Reigns urges John Cena and The Rock to stay away from WWE

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Over the past few weeks you will have seen several articles on Catch-Newz on the potential return of John Cena and The Rock to WWE.

This week Universal Champion Roman Reigns was visiting ESPN and asked for his comments on the possibility of seeing Cena and Rock again in WWE. Reigns replied that he invites the two to stay away:

“Yes a game with The Rock is a dream for a lot of our fans, but it’s not a dream for him, if you know what I mean? I hear that a lot from Dwayne and John. These guys are doing really well on their own, without a doubt. If I were these guys, I don’t know if I would want to come back and confront myself. I am a problem for everyone now. If I were them, I would stay on the sets and I would continue to release his films for streaming. Don’t come into my ring, that’s what I would do. ”

The message is clear, the great WWE boss does not want to see Rock and Cena in the WWE ring or they will have trouble waiting for them.

One can imagine that if The Rock and John Cena return to WWE they will be there to challenge today’s greatest wrestler, Roman Reigns. So maybe also that Reigns is afraid to face the two legends. We will have to watch what the future holds.

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