Romance between Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha? Wife of the singer reacts

Romance between Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha?  Wife of the singer reacts

In recent days, a video was circulated on social networks where they appear Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha together in a private plane and are shocked to be recorded.

The clip that was published by the producer Rafael “Raphy” Pina It unleashed hundreds of rumors and speculations of a supposed romance.

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The middle ‘Noticiero de Puerto Rico’ spread the video commenting “Does Nati Natasha like older and married? (…) The passion that both artists had left much to say “.

Here the video:

After the rumors, the wife of the Puerto Rican, Mireddys González , Reacted immediately and through their social networks commented:

“Oh Mother! Look, they have to stop living the lives of the artists. Do not be suffering other people’s warmth. Tell her there @nattinatasha @ pinarecords1, Pina leaves the role of paparazzi. ”

So what did they do together? Recall that both artists have been working together for some time now that after doing the duet the song “Another thing” and release the remix of Yankee’s most recent single “Hard” , a new project arrives Univision

Daddy Yankee and Nati Natasha they were in this private jet because they were heading to New York to the event of the new theme that will be the official song of the second season of the telenovela “La piloto” of the well-known television network that will be starring Livia Britto

It should be noted that the singer had shared a photograph in his account Instagram where his more than 21 million followers saw him on the plane with the artist, in which she appears behind and he goes forward, each with his team in a very work environment and zero compromising.

Due to the response of the wife of Daddy Yankee, many followers commented that there was no need to do so, she was “the boss”, as the singer called her.

In March the reggaeton shared a photograph in a private plane that was full of balloons and flowers to his wife for his 23rd Anniversary.

“Because a Boss needs a good Boss. With the blessing of God, Anniversary # 23 “.

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