Romanian economist wins lotto 14 times in a trick

A Romanian economist who currently lives in Vanuatu has revealed a trick that has won him 14 times the lottery prize pool. The method is simple provided you find a large sum of money to start, says the Independent.

Romanian economist and mathematician Stefan Mandel who moved to Israel before settling in Australia and then Vanuatu understood how to win the lottery.

The method is simple, as long as you can raise enough money to get started, reports the Independent.

Stefan Mandel has calculated that for a lottery in which you have to choose six numbers between 1 and 40 the number of possible combinations is 3,838,380.

The next step is to find games where the jackpot is at least three times the number of possible combinations. If the jackpot is, for example, 10 million euros and the ticket costs one euro, the payout, after playing each combination, will be 6,161,620 euros.

All that remains is to reimburse the investors and start over by purchasing more tickets yourself.

The risks involved

Stefan Mandel has succeeded with his trick 14 times in total, the first two times in Romania, then in the UK and Australia where this method is currently prohibited.

His method is not without risk, however. CNews advises that the winning combination could be found by one or more other players. The jackpot will then be divided between each of them and the rest may not be enough to return the costs invested.


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