The former French ambassador to Romania, Henri Paul, believes, in a tribune to the "World", that the Romanian people do not question either the European Union or adherence to democratic values. He just wants to find the basis of a social contract with the power to get the country out of wait.

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"Romania has nothing to do with its neighbors, won by the current populist and illiberal" (Photo: protester against corruption, in 2017).

Tribune. A few days ago, Mirel Bran, correspondent of World in Bucharest, wondered about Romania's exit from the European Union. If the current political and even economic and social situation of Romania is not brilliant, this analysis deserves to be largely nuanced, even contradicted. Because Romania has nothing to do with its neighbors, won by the populist and "illiberal".

First of all, Romania's great singularity in the whole of Eastern Europe: a country on the margins of Europe, reminiscent of the old "Mitteleuropa", long dominated by the Turks and then westernized forced march in the second half of the nineteenthe century, apparently united by its language but actually divided because of its mountainous geography, its history full of dramas, and its deep social inequalities.

Strong growth and risky speculation

The "shambles" of the Ceausescu regime, which had no equal among the other "people's democracies" by its violence, stupidity and irrationality, did not cease until less than thirty years ago. This has not allowed time to regenerate minds and minds, nor to allow new leaders to come to power.

On this society still ill of the consequences of a dictatorship that managed to drive out of the country a good part of the social elites and intellectuals (almost all the great intellectuals and artists of Romania XXe century have died in the West!) has arrived the graft of a second Westernization: the acclimatization of norms and methods of a European Union built by old liberal democracies.

Happy to dock with this then brand-new vessel, which they had hoped for, first of all freedom of movement, an improvement in their standard of living and their infrastructure afterwards, our Romanians have once again …


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