Romano: Oribe was never a goal scorer, there is no one like him


MEXICO – With three goals in the Closing 2018, Oribe Peralta It is 180 minutes away from having its worst share of the last seven years. Since the Clausura 2011, when he was a member of Santos, he is now captain of the America I had no less than four goals in a semester. Rubén Omar Romano was the technician who gave Peralta the opportunity to debut in the First division , it was in Monarchs Morelia for him Closing 2003 . “They brought him to test the people of Keep and I saw it I immediately realized what Oribe was. His personality, way of playing, did not shrink and when he played against starters he did not either. I realized his ability “, he explained in an interview to ESPN Digital. Imago7 Romano pointed out that the production of Peralta in the present tournament it is not an indication of the game being down and he considered that “he was never a goal scorer, but he has a goal and apart it is a good post, he can move, he plays with his back and now it has cost him to appear”. The helmsman defended the one that was once his run and mentioned that ‘Cepillo’ has been away from the area this season. “That’s how the scorers are. They are always streaky and sometimes it is not given, but to my point of view Oribe is super important in America and should be on the World Cup list. Today he does not have the fortune to score, but he is always close and important in his movements, “he said. In the same way, he said that the national team offers more goals than goals inside a dressing room and demonstrates its leadership in each game. The strategist of the America assures that the attacker “has remained to have in the subject of the goal” by the pressure to be summoned to Russia or not. Days after the suspension of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez will be announced, the Mexican striker made fun of the contaminated meat. 2 Related “He has leadership and without having so much goal, for me it is fundamental in America. He has personality, he is a leader and he is important in a big club like America. He is a tireless fighter. In moments that put him in other positions he kills and fulfills the same and is complete in many things. It goes well above, has a goal, plays spectacular back and could not miss the selection, although they are Chícharo and Jiménez, he should be there, “he said. Vía Telefónica highlighted the professionalism and considered that the soccer player of the Eagles “I could definitely play until 36-37″. He also commented that currently there is no footballer who has the same characteristics of Oribe and there is not a youngster who has his style of play. ” Pea He is a great scorer, who moves well in the area, Raúl Jiménez is different. I think Jimenez could have some resemblance. I have not seen a nine of its kind right now, “he said. America will look for qualification on day 16 and will have to rely on Oribe, as the two goalscorers Henry Martin and Mateus Uribe (who add five goals each) are injured and can not be considered against Puebla.


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