Rombouts’ compostable pre-measured coffee filter wins Best Product of the Year, Sustainable Food category

The innovative pre-dosed coffee filter from Rombouts can claim the title of “best product” today for a year. Made of natural fiber, this biodegradable coffee filter is an ecological version of the famous Rombouts coffee filter, with which the Belgian roaster has gained international fame. The packaging cardboard comes from ecologically managed forests and the film is fully recyclable.

“Since 1896, Rombouts has been committed as a family business to the future of future generations,” says Xavier Rombouts, CEO and great-grandson of founder Frans Rombouts. “With our homemade compostable filters, made from natural and environmentally friendly materials, we are helping to increase sustainability in the coffee market. »

The new generation pre-dosed coffee filter is available for Cachet d’or, Dessert, Deca and Virunga coffee varieties. Just pour hot water in it and it’s ready! So you can enjoy a perfectly pre-dosed cup of fresh Rombouts coffee at any time. Price: from 3.39 euros (per pack of ten pieces).