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Rome, clashes between fans at Monti, then punitive expedition of ultras with three wounded. One, stabbed, is serious

One more violent night in Rome. Fear in the Monti district around 9pm. Outside a club in Via Leonina, a fight broke out between supporters, perhaps from Lazio and Sevilla. At least forty young people involved. And then, according to the story of some witnesses, the first expedition in a pub and then the hunt for rivals who tried to hide inside restaurants and breweries. On the wounds he investigates the Digos who is trying to understand the dynamics of the raid and to identify the participants in the aggression and their belonging to the extreme fringes of the North Curve.

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Three people rescued and transported to the hospital with knife wounds. These are two Spaniards, presumably supporters of Seville, and of an American, who would have been involved by chance. The most serious is a Spanish hospitalized in red code. The raid took place on the night before the Olympic stadium match for the Lazio-Sevilla Europa League match.

Everything happened in a few moments. One of the injured was rescued near the Cavour stop of metro B. After the clash, some Spanish fans tried to take refuge in some clubs to escape the Italian ultrà. In Piazza Madonna dei Monti and in Via dei Serpenti, several police cars and dozens of policemen with helmets and shields in riot gear arrived. There are also two ambulances on site.

"It was all quiet when, shortly after 9 pm, we suddenly heard shouting and the noise of broken glass. We looked at each other and saw a group of boys with hoods and the distorted face armed with clubs and truncheons that was incensed on other boys – the owners of a local in the Monti district say shocked – then the fuggi began. One of the Spaniards, wounded in the legs, has entered our room. He was asking for help he was scared and upset ".

Monti, assault on Sevilla fans

It would have been a well-organized blitz, according to the testimony of the witnesses: "There were two groups, there were some foreigners, we heard them shouting and talking". And again: "It looked like a punitive expedition, we saw dozens of young people dressed in black running around, they were hooded, others wore helmets, and they had sticks and belts in their hands, and they were chasing someone. they broke into a restaurant – some restaurateurs said – When the police arrived they had already escaped, and the fight broke out in via Leonina in a pub frequented by foreign tourists, where football matches were broadcast. a few meters from that place, eight years ago a young musician was beaten to death ".

It is not the first time that the Monti district is the scene of aggression and violence. The committees in the area have repeatedly called for more controls. "It's a damn triangle that between Via Leonina and Piazza Madonna dei Monti, there are also activities that sell alcohol all night long. When there are games they all come here to drink. The checks are almost zero. The police have lately made some fine in the neighborhood but they are rarely seen – explains Lisa Roscioni of the coordination of the Monti committees – We have repeatedly reported the situation of danger. But the City does not listen to us and would also like to pedestrianize this area with the risk of exacerbating the situation by making it the district only a tourist destination of nightlife damaging the residents and the activities of the artisans. There is the danger that this area will turn into a human carpet of drunks at night ".



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