Due to a fire inside the airport, around 8 am, passengers departing from Ciampino airport and employees were evacuated by security personnel and concentrated in the square outside the structure. Flights are currently stationary and are undergoing delays. Users were warned before the fire alarm sounded and the evacuation took place in an orderly manner and without tensions. Law enforcement and firefighters are on site.

There are seven, at the moment, the flights diverted for security reasons in the other Roman airport, that of Fiumicino. The fire was extinguished in a short time. At the moment there are no injuries or intoxicated. Ongoing investigations by the police.

in reproduction ….

"Due to the presence of smoke coming from a cavity in the basement area below the Schengen area, the Ciampino terminal was evacuated as a precautionary measure around 8.00am this morning. There is no problem for passengers and infrastructures ", they explain from Aeroporti di Roma.



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