Rome, Mayor Gualtieri: waste-to-energy plant by 2026

01 December 2022 14:12

The mayor said that “latest generation technologies were requested: towards zero landfill”.

“For the first time – continues Gualtieri – the city has an ambitious waste plan to make Rome self-sufficient, overcoming a shameful situation of the city that has no plants”.

Ninety days for expression of interest in waste-to-energy plant – The expression of interest for the construction of the waste-to-energy plant, specifies the mayor, will remain open for “90 days and calls for the use of latest generation technologies that protect the environment. Today we are putting 500 thousand tons in landfills. With the waste-to-energy plant and the other plants we will get to landfill 0”.

Tender open to public and private – The expression of interest “is open to public subjects, it is not reserved for private subjects and the majority of multiutilities are public-private. I expressed my hopes in this sense. Whoever wins the tender – Gualtieri underlined again – will have to guarantee the criteria established and also a competitive cost, lower than what Ama pays today to send out the waste”, with the aim of lowering the tariff on waste.

“Ama will grant land for consideration” – Rome will have its own waste-to-energy plant “with a project financing system” and it will be built “on land that will be granted by Ama for consideration to whoever builds it”, concludes Gualtieri.