Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Rome, procession against racism. Applause for Mimmo Lucano: "We are a minority, but we do not lose our voice"

Applause and choirs "Mimmo we are all with you" at the arrival of Domenico Lucano, mayor of Riace suspended, in Piazza della Repubblica, al national march against racism and security decree. "There is so much emotion because there are so many people, I did not imagine it was so – he said Lucano behind a banner that says "Riace does not stop – I consider myself one of the many here. We can not resign ourselves to the drift of a society of barbarism, inequality and discrimination. They will not bend us – he added – I will not take a step back even I am no longer mayor is the desire to be there ". Hundreds have paraded with flags and billboards with the words 'United and solidarity against racism', 'Welcome for all', 'Ruspe su Salvini'. The organizers have launched the event asking for "immediate withdrawal of the immigration and security decree launched by the government "and saying" No to the Pillon bill. Reception and regularization for everyone. Solidarity and freedom for Mimmo Lucano! Hands off by Riace and the NGOs Against social exclusion. No to rejections, expulsions, evictions. Against the rampant racism, the fascist threat, violence against women, homophobia and any kind of discrimination "


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