Rome, quarrel at the Termini station between two homeless, then one sees the crucifix at the other's neck and the stab


ROME – Fear next to Termini station. During a violent dispute between two homeless people, one of them, a 37-year-old Moroccan citizen, sees the crucifix hanging from the other's neck and the knife in his throat. The event happened on the eve of Easter. It investigates to see if it is a fool or has acted for other purposes, even if for the aggressor there is no precedent for facts related to terrorism or jihadist sympathies.

The man, after the attack, tried to escape but was arrested by the police. According to a witness, the Maghreb, during the dispute that broke out on a bus on line 64, noticed the crucifix on the chain of the adversary and followed it to Piazza dei Cinquecento, in front of the station, and then hit it with a knife from the kitchen. He would also shout: "Italian Catholic shit".

According to the AdnKronos, the victim is actually a 44-year-old Georgian, probably mistaken for an Italian, who suffered a fortunately slight throat injury. Relief, he was taken to the hospital where he had a 21-day prognosis.

It was the same wounded, immediately after the aggression, to approach bloodied police officers in Piazza dei Cinquecento and to indicate the foreigner who had fled in the meantime. Pursued by police officers from the Viminale police station, he was stopped shortly after.

Immediate reaction from the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini: "I write to all the prefects and quaestors to increase controls and attention in gathering places of Islamic citizens, to prevent any kind of violence against innocent citizens", so the deputy premier after the news of the aggression in the Termini area.

But the M5s exponents go on the attack: "The problem we have at home, is not that writing a letter or a circular resolves things. We need to do more on the repatriations that are stopped at the stake", so they write in a note the Cinquestelle. And they add: "After Turin, Rome. The sad news stories of these days, with the first assault on two police officers by a subject who should have already been expelled and who was free to do whatever he wants around , then with today's stabbing they show that the real problem is the almost 600,000 irregular people we have in Italy. And nothing has been done about repatriation ".



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