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"Rome says enough", the citizens demonstrate against the degradation of the city: "Reachable rays"

It started with Tatiana, Martina, Francesca and the others against Virginia. Female indignation for the mayor who assists helpless, we would say in a state of hypnosis, the decline of the capital, a pink protest raised by social media with lots of evidence of the devastation: #romadicebasta. Rather than a revolt, a scream in the neutral field, out of the orbits of the parties: the buses that go into focus, the holes, the rubbish that exudes from the bins, the escalators that collapse the floods, etc, etc. It's over – but it's not over, there will be other events – with Piazza del Campidoglio too narrow to contain everyone. Who says, 8 thousand, who 10 thousand. Beyond the numbers certainly a success, given the means, the way in which the chat rally and the non-existent notoriety of those who organized it.


So at 10:30 on a Saturday whatever the statue of Marc'Aurelio is submerged in people. The climate is cheerful but when the band of Cecafumo, (Quadraro doc), attacks the Amarcord you understand that would make a perfect soundtrack. For the city that now lives in the past and for those who manifest, which is not, so to speak, first hair. "We want to say enough! But we also want to start again, let's put in circulation our energies, skills, hospitality, kindness, words that do not belong to this administration", says Francesca. The amplification comes and goes, it works in fits and starts. And the improvised stage is too far from the steps that many continue to climb to add to the anti-Rays.

"We are surprised too, we did not expect so many people", Tatiana Campioni, the main organizer, will say at the end. "The young ones were few, maybe a thousand, but they were there too".


Politicians are mixed but almost invisible. First of all the former minister Calenda, the one who took more like on the organizer's website, then the Lazio regional councilor Paolo Ciani, which means Sant'Egidio, and again: Enzo Foschi, former head of the cabinet of the former mayor Marino , the radical deputy Riccardo Magi, Raffaela Milano, former councilor for the welfare of the junta Veltroni and now Italian president of Save the Children, the actor Massimo Ghini.

For many it is a reunion, for others it is the first time. But when the cry "Quit! Resign!" the Michelangelesque square becomes a choir. Andrea, 43, holds a banner that reads "What a slave to Rome, God created it." He explains: "I voted for Virginia in the run-off, I'm center-right. I admit the mistake. Why am I here? Because the hole is not right and it is not left. Because the lamp that does not work idem. The same applies to disability. I'm Roman for 7 generations, my grandfather was one of the first to change his license for the taxi cabs. I keep my ideas in my pocket, first these emigrants come ".


When the band attacks with the violins, the relatives throw flowers and rice to the bride and groom out of the wedding hall. A lady, plus Colline Fleming on the outskirts, is holding a sign against the Rays. Edoardo is the exception that confirms the rule. He is 17 years old, has a banner with written, "Rome seems the Emmental". "My group – he explains – is called Giovine Italia, we are Mazzini, certain values ​​of yesterday as patriotic associations are ideal that can be worth today to shake the citizens". Irony prevails over anger. Which however there is. "We are here", is the slogan at the foot of Marc'Aurelio from the Coordination of the suburbs. In the foreground Corviale, the Serpentone left without funds from the yellow-green government.

On the square the first autumn wind messes up the styling of some lady at her first sit-in. There are also those who brought the poodle. "I come from Romanina and I convinced my friends that there must be, this city is a vergona", says Antonietta 68 years, mild look, the profile that is closer to the housewife of Voghera. Taking her to the streets is unquestionably a merit. "I thought it was love, instead it was a buggy", shows a sign and publicly repents a voter of the Rays. "At home! At home!" Everyone shouts. Someone has composed a nursery rhyme:

The windows of the Palazzo Senatorio remain closed, but something of this inside has arrived. It's past one o'clock, it's time for lunch, many still stand on the square. "We are deciding the other appointments – update the Tatiana agenda – the next time the 40 volunteers will add the men, we will do a demonstration indoors, certainly in the suburbs". Already. Do not leave them in Casapound and Forza Nuova.

Claudio Peri

Rome says Basta

VIDEO – Romadicebasta, thousands against the mayor Raggi: "Here no party, only citizens: resign"


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