Rome trembles, Zaniolo is no longer unredeemable

The prospects for the Roma they are worrying. With the liabilities rising to 140 million and the Champions League practically nuanced, the company is faced with the impossibility of reject important offers also for his jewels. It would be sensational: now that Zaniolo is a few days after returning to the field, his sacrifice may become indispensable. Faced with an offer of 60/70 million Rome cannot say no. The young blue has resumed training with his teammates since Monday, yesterday he passed the last check-up visit since professor Mariani, in a few games will be called up, the date that Nicolò has marked on his calendar is 15 July, when Roma will play against Verona. But tomorrow is his birthday and Fonseca could give him a gift.

That’s why Zaniolo can now leave

The situation precipitated after the shareholders’ meeting, as regards the accounts, to which is added the now blurred prospect of returning to Champions League. If the right offer arrives, Rome will be forced to evaluate it, even if a month and a half ago, the alternative market plan, after Pallotta’s no to Friedkin’s last offer, entrusted to the then sports director Petrachi, foresaw the impossibility of Zaniolo and Pellegrini. But now the farewell to the Champions League has made everything more complicated. In Italy only the Juve might have the strength to bid on Zaniolo. The former Inter player is a cue ball Guild, but the Juventus club also has no liquidity at this time. The axis with Juve, a friendly company, is always solid, in recent days there have been new contacts between intermediaries, to talk about Zaniolo and other players. Juve scored the exchange between Pjanic e Arthur, with a capital gain of 42 million, but this pattern is not repeatable: if Roma were forced to sell Zaniolo, it would only want money, also because in the case of a transfer it must recognize 15 percent to Inter. Rome considers Zaniolo a fundamental element, to try to keep him he should make other disposals, starting with Ündar, for whom contacts continue with Napoli and Guts, which has market in England.

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Rome trembles, Zaniolo is no longer unredeemable

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