Romón Basterrechea, who was technical director of La Voz

The burning chapel is located in the Servisa funeral home, in A Corua, where he will be cremated this Monday afternoon in family privacy

11 jul 2021 . Updated at 8:31 p.m.

Romn Basterrechea Purrios, who was the technical director of La Voz de Galicia, died Sunday at the age of 88. There are numerous expressions of affection that his wife, Antonia Noya Durn, and their four children, Romón, who also works at La Voz, where he is head of General Services, are receiving; Susana, who is a journalist; Pedro, who studied marketing and works in the banking sector, and Mitas, who did business and works in private companies.

Romn Basterrechea Purrios, who retired from La Voz de Galicia at the age of 61, had five grandchildren: Carolina, Paula, Pablo, Pedro and Sofa.

The burning chapel is installed in room 6 of the Servisa funeral home in A Corua, where this Monday, at five in the afternoon, he will be cremated in family privacy.