Ronaldinho caused a stir and chose his favorite for the Champions League final

On May 28, the Champions League final will be held in the city of Paris. Real Madrid and Liverpool will face each other again in a final after four years (2017), where the white house won the title.

A few weeks before this duel of champions was played, the football legends began to give their predictions of who will take the title of this edition. One of the first to speak out was the Brazilian star Ronaldinho, who spoke to the RMC radio station, causing a stir due to his response.

“They are two great teams. They have very good players. I wish you the best. Real Madrid is very good, but since I really like Barça, I’m going with Liverpool”, said the former player without betraying his culé tradition.

Benzema and Mané disputing a ball in the Champions League clash of the 2020/21 season – Foto: Getty Images

For Ronaldinho, this final will have a magical touch from his perspective, because in the stadium where the final will be played, he won the Champions League with Barcelona in the 2005/2006 season against Arsenal from England.

“For me it was a great moment, in a city that I love very much. Winning a Uefa Champions League there was great. I always think about that. I remember it well. For me it was very special, in this city that I love very much”, added the carioca.

Dinho knows that this duel will be for the team with the highest hierarchy because there are world figures on both sides. The Brazilian spoke of one in particular, Karim Benzema, who has had a dream season with the meringues and who has been the savior and scorer of the Champions League. “I love it. He is a player with enormous qualities. And this is not from today, it is from a long time ago. This season is going very well for him. I hope that he wins as many individual titles as possible”, he sentenced.

An account to settle, that’s how they see it in Liverpool

Four years later, the Iberians and the English will face each other again in the last instance of the most important club tournament in the world. On that occasion, the meringues, led by Gareth Bale, won the thirteenth orejona before the reds.

From now on, the grand finale of the 2021-2022 season has generated high expectations and those in charge of putting it spicy have already released a few phrases prior to the crucial duel on French soil. One of them was the figure Mohamed Salah, who on his Twitter account warned his rival with a forceful trill. “We have an account to settle,” published the Egyptian who was injured in the 2018 duel after receiving a strong blow to one of his shoulders.

It should be noted that the Liverpool striker had predicted prior to the duel between the Real Madrid and Manchester City, who wanted to measure themselves against the ‘merengues’, because they want to take revenge for that failed game in 2018. “We have faced each other many times against City and we know they are a great rival. I honestly have to say that in the final I prefer Real Madrid. We lost a final against them. And I want to win this time”, assured the African.

In total, in eight matches in the European Cup/Champions League, the balance is favorable for Real Madrid with four wins, three losses and one draw.