Former Brazilian midfielder Ronaldinho will be detained during the investigation. It is reported by Reuters.

On Saturday, March 7, Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto appeared in court after they arrived in Paraguay on fake passports. The court ruled that Brazilians will remain in pre-trial detention in the National Police Task Force. According to Globoesporte, Ronaldinho can spend in custody for up to six months.

The court decision was explained by the fact that there is a risk of escape. “Because they are foreigners who entered the country illegally,” the agency quoted the judge as saying. It is also indicated that the Brazilians requested a house arrest. One of the lawyers for the former footballer said that the defense will appeal the decision.

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto arrived in Paraguay on March 4 and were detained after being searched in a hotel room where police found fake passports. Paraguayan football player and his brother. Ronaldinho planned to present his book in Asuncion and take part in the launch of a charity campaign. In the initial testimony of the former footballer, it was noted that he received the document back in Brazil. However, he then stated that he had received a passport at the Paraguayan airport.

In 2018, Ronaldinho was deprived of a passport for tax evasion. He was also fined 8.5 million reais (over 2.2 million dollars) for violating environmental laws when building a pier on the lake, where his family’s house is located.

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