Ronaldo wants to sell Real Valladolid

Ronaldo Nazario has been the majority owner of Real Valladolid since 2018 – Photo: /Getty Images

Real Valladolid has been listening to Ronaldo’s commands for more than four years. The Brazilian football legend took over the majority of shares in 2018. According to media reports, the superstar is now seriously considering selling the club.

Ronaldo put 30 million euros on the table in 2018 to take over 51 percent of the shares in Real Valladolid. He later increased his stake by a further 21 percent. Now a sale of the majority of the shares is in the room.

According to information from the Spanish digital newspaper Relevo, Ronaldo, who played professionally for both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, wants to sell his shares. Since the value of the club has risen significantly since the two-time world champion joined, the 46-year-old can expect to win millions.

In April 2022, Ronaldo already revealed that he could have earned twice his investment, but so far he has rejected offers. Also for the good of the club. “I want to leave a very important legacy to this club and this city and I haven’t completed that cycle yet.”

Last summer, Ronaldo cashed in on a bet. After Real Valladolid had made it into the Primera Division, he cycled the Camino de Santiago from Valladolid to the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela. He rode almost 450 km on his e-bike.

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Ronaldo wants to leave Spain and spend more time in Brazil again – Photo: Rickymats /

Why does Ronaldo want to sell Real Valladolid?

The promoted team has played a good role in the first division so far. After 14 games, the club from the city of 300,000 has secured a midfield position. So why does Ronaldo want to sell his club?

According to Relevo, the South American wants to spend more time in Brazil, where his children live. “Madrid is my home country but I often think about going back to Brazil,” Ronaldo said months ago. At that time, the superstar spoke of a possible move in two years. Now his farewell plans seem to have accelerated.

Ronaldo is also the manager of Cruzeiro

Should Ronaldo actually sell Real Valladolid, he wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of work. Ronaldo has been the owner of the traditional Brazilian club Cruzeiro since 2021, which returned to the first division last summer after a three-year absence.

Ronaldo made 58 appearances and scored 56 goals for Cruzeiro in the 1990s before moving to Europe in 1994 and joining PSV Eindhoven.