Ronnie Flex is completely through it: ‘It just has to be ready’

In the docuseries it can be seen that the two have planned a romantic evening out: they are going to stay overnight in a hotel in Amsterdam to escape all the hustle and bustle. “We’ve been super busy the past few months and Ronnie actually the past few years. So it’s very chill for him not to work for a while,” explains Demi.

However, it does not become very romantic, because Ronnie wants to take his Playstation with him so that he can play Fifa in the hotel room. “I have to and will play tonight. But luckily Demi is used to that too,” he explains. When the two go for a bite to eat at the hotel, it becomes clear that Ronnie is having a hard time. “I’ve been really busy the past few days,” he says. “It’s going to get a lot busier, honey,” says Demi. “Soon you’ll have to make a beat, while you have to change a diaper.” Ronnie explains to her that that’s why he wants to do as much as possible now.

He tells Demi that he has 15 more shows on his schedule from his theater tour that was previously postponed, that he still has to prepare Paradiso completely and that of course there is also a baby. He doesn’t really have time to work on new music. “And then I’m going to end up in the same boat as last time. Then I’m six months further and I haven’t achieved anything yet. It just has to be ready,” says Ronnie.

“I actually want to come up with an excuse or a lie”, Ronnie confides to her. “That I’m overwrought. So that I can’t do shit for a while and just make music. I first want to get the essence, the foundation in order. Then I’m just happier.” Demi lets it be known that she fully supports her boyfriend. “It’s a sensitive and deep conversation, but it also gives me clarity about what he needs right now. And at the end of the day, music is his passion, his work, what he lives for. And I try it support it as best you can.”

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In Ronnie’s docuseries, viewers are also introduced to his daughter Nori: