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Rosa Belmonte



I see in a women’s magazine (okay, in ‘Telva’) two pages dedicated to ponchos. The coming fashion, dear. There are Etro, Max Mara or Chloé. What are we? The Calchakis? They don’t catch me there and that the garment has the advantage of being one size fits all and I have the disadvantage of getting so fat that I won’t even close the car. Chavela Vargas put them on. But not even the Prairie had so many ponchos on the stall that it planted on stage. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has gone to the Americas. Needless to say, she looks much better on the streets of New York than Meghan Markle. The Madrid president has dated

one of his fortune cookie phrases that sound so good. After the resultón «communism or freedom», it has come out with that «the indigenismo is the new communism».

Years ago I was at a conference by the historian José Antonio del Busto (a specialist in Pizarro) in the Plaza de Cajamarca. In 1532 the Inca Atahualpa was captured by the Spanish in the Plaza de Armas and a year later executed, although he had paid a huge reward in gold and silver, a treasure that was sent to Spain. Things that lifelong winners have been doing. José Antonio del Busto was telling the crowd about that story and suddenly a guy shouted: “That’s a lie!” To which he replied: “I am not a Hispanicist or an indigenous person, I am a Peruvianist!” Del Busto was held hostage at the Japanese Embassy and said that the worst thing about captivity was the baths. Luckily he’s no longer here to see Luminous Hat, as Federico says. From a guy who shouts in a plaza we have passed a president of Mexico (and here those of Podemos) lamenting and cursing the Conquest. And to communism in the Government. Yolanda Díaz at the PCE party: «I am clear, we are going to repeal the labor reform, we are going to do it. And if we don’t, the country will make a mistake, the Government will make a mistake and Spain will make a mistake. Well, the only thing missing would be Alberti’s dove, who was really wrong. Like the thought of the minister of strange prestige. That the wheat is not water, that the sea is not the sky, that the stars are not dew, nor the heat the snowfall. Not even your skirt was your blouse. Not even your Converse work boots.

The reality of the Covid passes over him, he has had to pull the labor reform of Fátima Báñez (of the labor flexibility measure that is an ERTE) and he continues to want to end the labor reform. But the one that is wrong is Spain. Of course, Ione Belarra has the noses of creating, under the umbrella of the useless Children’s Law, a State Council for the Participation of Children and Adolescents made up of 30 collectable boys, girls and adolescents from 8 to 17 years old. Ok, neither will there be more melons than the Government and so many deputies.

The only thing I ask is that Isabel Díaz Ayuso not wear a poncho.

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