Rosa Martínez will be the candidate for Lehendakaritza of the official sector of Podemos Euskadi

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The race for Lehendakaritza has started in Podemos Euskadi. The official sector, majority in the direction of the purple formation, announced on Monday that it is committed to Rosa Martínez as a candidate for lehendakari in the primaries that will begin next Sunday. The former deputy of Equo in the Congress of Deputies will lead a candidacy in which the general secretary of Podemos Euskadi, Lander Martínez, will also be present. In this way, the party of the circles opts for the same formula as in the 2016 regional elections, with a woman at the head of the candidacy – then it was Pili Zabala -, whose list was also Martínez himself.

Rosa Martínez, who had remained in the lower house for two legislatures, left her seat in February 2019 to join Elkarrekin Podemos as coordinator of the coalition in the Basque Parliament. During this year of work at Gasteiz, he has become one of Lander Martínez’s trusted people. Together with the secretary general, Cristina Macazaga and Joserra Becerra was part of the Elkarrekin Podemos team that negotiated the Budget with the Basque Government and achieved more than 200 million euros in amendments.

Except for surprise, it is not contemplated that alternatives appear that can bring together enough support to unseat the candidacy “co-led” by Rosa Martínez and Lander Martínez in a process of consultation to the bases that will begin next Sunday with the opening of the pre-registration period and which will end on Sunday, March 4 with the official designation, as established by the official calendar approved last Sunday by the autonomous citizen council in Bilbao.

In the 2016 primaries, six nominations were presented and the official headed by Zabala won the support of 52% of the votes.



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